What is Golf Betting? Popular Types of Betting Odds Today

If you are a sports betting enthusiast, golf betting will no longer be strange. This is a subject that attracts the attention of many players. Let’s New88 bookmaker Discover unique playing experiences in this form of betting through the article below now!

Learn about golf betting

Golf betting is the use of personal money to bet on odds provided by the house, with the hope of winning and receiving rewards. Like other sports such as football, volleyball, tennis, badminton, golf betting offers a variety of bets such as over/under bets, odd even, European bets…

Joining reputable bookmakers, customers will receive information support from a team of betting experts. You can refer to their comments to make more accurate betting decisions.

The bookmaker will provide a odds table with clear betting odds, reflecting the form of golf betting. Success will bring large rewards according to the payout ratio, while failure means losing the entire initial bet.

Some terms in golf betting you need to understand

To optimize your chances of winning, understanding the specialized words used in the game is indispensable. New88 will introduce to you some important and common words in Englishgolf betting:

  • Tee box: This is the starting point of the shot, marked by two markers in the legal area on the golf course.
  • Fairway: The path of the ball after the shot.
  • Bunker: An area containing obstacles such as sand, often appearing on golf courses.
  • Rough: Area with obstacles such as bushes, grass, rocks, affecting the ball’s movement.
  • Lake: Water area, usually a pond or lake.
  • Green: Special grass area on the golf course, where the holes are and the final destination of the ball with a flag to determine the correct direction. This is where the decision is made to complete a hole.

Popular golf betting odds

Entering the diverse world of golf betting, popular bets such as full-time leader bets and match bets are attractive options. Join New88 to find out now:

Bet on the winner of the entire match

Here, players bet on the golfer they believe will emerge victorious throughout the entire tournament. This is a fun way to show support and belief in a golfer’s ability to excel in an exciting race.

2-way golf betting

In this case, if the bettor bets on a certain athlete or group and they finish in first or second place, the bettor will receive a win. This is a flexible and attractive way that allows you to have a chance to win.

Top 5 golf betting odds

This type of bet in golf betting allows bettors to bet on whether an athlete or team will be in the top 5 of the tournament. With a level of safety, this bet minimizes risks for bettors, making it an ideal choice for newcomers.

Bet on the leader of the first round

The first round leader bet requires players to bet on the golfer they predict will lead in the first round. As mentioned before, the leader is the person with the lowest score in that round. This is an interesting way to predict and support golfers with excellent potential right from the beginning of the tournament.

Golf betting by match

A form of golf betting that selects a player in which the bettor predicts the winner. Success comes when the person you bet on wins.

Bet on top players by country

Bet on top playersNew88 sports by country is how you can bet on a specific golfer from a certain country. For example, if there are 3 golfers from the US participating in the PGA Championship, you can bet that one of those 3 Americans will come out on top in the tournament.
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 Bet Make The Cut

The “Make The Cut” bet requires players to correctly predict who will advance to the second round after the tournament ends 2 rounds. With usually 4 rounds of competition, after round two, it will be determined who continues and those who stop. Betting on the right person to move forward is the key to winning in this bet.

Instructions for easy-to-win golf betting

To be successful in golf betting, understanding the rules of the game is most important, helping you avoid unnecessary losses.

Following the match schedule is a good way to not miss the opportunity to bet on attractive tournaments. Analyzing team history and consulting experiences from previous players is also an important step to increase your chances of winning. Furthermore, choosing a reputable bookmaker helps protect personal interests and ensure safety when betting.


This is important information about golf betting that New88 wishes to share. Hopefully you will have more knowledge and experience playing this bet. Don’t forget to apply the shared experiences to optimize your chances of winning when participating in golf betting.

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