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The Queen of Spades (2016)

The Queen of Spades (2016) is a Russian psychological thriller film directed by Pavel Lungin and starring Kseniya Rappoport, Ivan Yankovsky, and Aleksandr Petrov. The film is a loose adaptation of the 1834 short story of the same name by Alexander Pushkin.

The film begins with Herman (Aleksandr Petrov), a young officer who is obsessed with winning at cards. He hears a story about a mysterious woman, the Queen of Spades, who can teach him how to win at cards. Herman sets out to find the woman and learn her secret.

Herman eventually finds the woman, who is a retired countess (Kseniya Rappoport). The countess agrees to teach Herman her secret, but only if he promises to never tell anyone about it. Herman agrees, and the countess tells him that he must summon the Queen of Spades by repeating a certain incantation three times.

Herman does as he is told, and the Queen of Spades appears to him. She tells him that he will win at cards, but only if he sacrifices something dear to him. Herman agrees, and the Queen of Spades gives him a winning card.

Herman uses the card to win a large sum of money, but he soon realizes that he has made a terrible mistake. The Queen of Spades has cursed him, and he will never be able to win at cards again.

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The Queen of Spades is a dark and atmospheric film that explores the themes of obsession, addiction, and the supernatural. The film is beautifully shot and features strong performances from the cast.

Here are some of the reviews for The Queen of Spades:

  • “The Queen of Spades is a dark and atmospheric film that will keep you on the edge of your seat.” – The Hindu
  • “Kseniya Rappoport gives a tour-de-force performance as the Queen of Spades.” – Firstpost
  • “The Queen of Spades is a must-see for fans of psychological thrillers and Russian cinema.” – The Times of India

If you’re looking for a dark and atmospheric psychological thriller, then I recommend checking out The Queen of Spades. However, if you’re looking for a film with a happy ending, then you may be disappointed.”

Here are some of the notable aspects of the film:

  • The film is directed by Pavel Lungin, who is one of the most acclaimed filmmakers in Russia.
  • The film stars Kseniya Rappoport, Ivan Yankovsky, and Aleksandr Petrov, who are all well-known actors in Russia.
  • The film’s music is composed by Igor Krutoy, who is one of the most popular music composers in Russia.

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