How to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 10

If you accidentally or erroneously deleted files from your Windows 10 computer and want to get them back, you’ll need dependable data restoration software, especially if you don’t have a backup copy.

You can find a lot of software options on the market for data recovery, and MyRecover is one of the easiest to use. We will provide you with comprehensive details about its main features, testing procedure, and test results in this review. Peruse on to check assuming that it’s ideal for your particular circumstance.

Principal highlights of MyRecover:

MyRecover is a data recovery software for Windows that stands out because it is simple to use, making it suitable for novices. With a revealed success rate of 95%, this product merits considering. Let’s go over its main features in greater detail:

  • Have a user-friendly graphical user interface, suitable for novices as well as experienced users.
  • Far-reaching resilience: Data loss scenarios like file deletion, disk formatting, virus infection, and even system crashes can all be handled by this software.
  • Recover more than 200 document types: MyRecover is fit for recovering an extensive variety of record types, including JPG, PNG, X3F, Word, Succeed, DOC, DOCX, PPT, PDF, ZIP, MP4, MOV, HTML, from there, the sky is the limit.
  • High success rate: MyRecover utilizes cutting-edge scanning technology to fully check every area of your storage device. This is to guarantee however much data as could be expected.
  • Upholds different devices like HDD/SSD, USB drives, SD cards, Crude drives, and different file system including NTFS, FAT32, ExFAT, and ReFS.
  • Recovers a Broken PC: You can use this feature to make bootable media and get data back from a broken PC. For more data information, check this article: how to recover data from hard disk without OS.

Test interaction and results

Presently let us move onto the testing stage where we can check whether MyRecover will recover deleted records in Windows 10. It is essential to note that this software works with Windows 7, 8, and, 10, 11 and Windows Server 2008(R2), 2012 (R2), 2016 (R2) 2019, 2022 and others.

Information documents:

To begin, we downloaded and introduced MyRecover on a Windows 10 PC. Then, we unintentionally deleted records (two PNG picture documents and two MOV recordings) in two normal misfortune circumstances. Finally, we attempt to use MyRecover to retrieve the deleted files.

Examining data

Two tests were carried out by us.

File deletion: We deleted the previously mentioned information records from the nearby C drive and empty the Recycle Bin folder to expand the trouble of data recovery. Following that, we attempt to retrieve the deleted files.

Formatting a Disk: We have formatted the drive containing the previously mentioned documents utilizing the Format choice. Then, we effectively examined the circle and recovered records.

Results of the data:

MyRecover is amazingly easy to use, permitting us to rapidly begin the recovery process. Subsequent to sending off the product, we simply float the mouse on the C: drive, then select the Scan choice. MyRecover consequently runs Quick Scan and Deep Scan to examine all recoverable records completely.

During the examining process, we utilize the “Filter” element to look and view the recently deleted PNG pictures and MOV video documents. We have moved these files to a new location to avoid rewriting data.

We really look at the recovered records to ensure they stay unaltered. Surprisingly, the scanning process is quick. With a sweep season of roughly 100 kilobytes of information of just 5 minutes, you can decide to trust that the end-product will check assuming that there are any extra documents that should be recovered.

For the second test, we filtered the formatted hard drive all things considered. MyRecover found and recovered two PNG picture documents and two recently deleted MOV recordings. However, the file name was absent this time.


All in all, MyRecover is enthusiastically suggested as an excellent data recovery programming for tracking down deleted records on Windows 10. It is viable with other working systems including Windows 11, Windows Server 2019, and Windows Server 2022.

Moreover, MyRecover’s PC recovery highlight is particularly valuable in circumstances where your PC can’t boot because of a framework crash, blue screen, dark screen, or other PC issues.

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