How to play Roulette New88 is simple, high probability of winning

Roulette is one of the “popular” online games with thousands of people participating in playing every day at bookmaker New88. Although the rules of the game are simple, if you do not know the right strategy, it is easy to lose everything. How to play Roulette New88 How to increase your chances of winning? All will be New88 Reveal details below.

Basic New88 Roulette rules for beginners

Roulette New88 is a game with 38 different numbers, including 0, 00, numbers 1 – 36 and a rotating wheel. When everyone participates in play, a ball will be placed on the outside edge of this wheel. The player places a bet on the lucky number. After spinning, whichever number the ball lands on, the person who bet on that number will win.

The New88 Roulette game has two main types of bets: inside and outside.

  • Inside bets include winning bets, dividing by 2, 5 numbers, straight lines, streets, and corners.
  • Outside bets include money bets, column bets and tens bets.

To increase the probability of winning, you can bet on many different bets at the same time, the total bet amount per game is unlimited, as long as it does not exceed $100.

How to play Roulette New88 from A – Z, new players should “carry the bag”

The rules are simple, so new players who have just joined New88 Bookmaker can refer to how to play New88 Roulette and place bets.

  • Step 1: Go to the official interface of New88, register/log in to your account to start experiencing the games. Next time, just remember your account name and password to log in.
  • Step 2: Deposit money into your New88 account, open the “Deposit” section, you can choose many forms of payment such as via e-wallet, bank, scratch card, electronic money…
  • Step 3: Go to the Casino category → Choose any playing hall and participate in the New88 Roulette game. Bet on any lucky number and wait for the spin to end.
  • Step 4: If the ball stops on any number line, the person who bets there will win, and the prize money will be transferred immediately to your account.

Pocket the ultimate New88 Roulette strategy

In fact, the way to play New88 Roulette is considered the simplest compared to other games at New88 Bookmaker. In addition to the element of luck, to win this game players must also know how to apply some strategies as follows:

Techniques for playing James Bond

The James Bond strategy is optimally effective and is applied by many bettors when entering the New88 Roulette table. However, to apply this technique, players must prepare a sizable budget in advance. The stakes are distributed as follows:

  • Box 0: bet 10 coins with win rate 1:35.
  • Box 13 – 18: bet 50 VND with win rate 1:5.
  • Boxes 19 – 36: bet 140 VND with winning rate 1:2.

After playing James Bond, you have up to 70% chance of winning the bet. However, players who do not have much capital should not risk participating, new recruits are not suitable for this technique.

Hit diagonally

Playing numbers diagonally is a good trick that many people apply and succeed when playing Roulette. That is, if the previous game had numbers on this side, you just need to cross to the other side and choose the numbers in that area.
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This strategy has a quite high winning rate, many people can win money continuously for 4-5 games. However, for the highest probability of success, players should only play diagonally 3 games and change tactics.

Choose the number of rolling bets

Choosing rotating bet numbers is an effective way to play. You will choose 2 constant areas on the betting table. Players divide these fixed numbers into many parts and rotate them in rotation, the probability of winning will be higher.

However, if you play a few games and don’t see the position you chose rotate to win, you should change your strategy. You should not put money into 1 game but spread it over many different games.

Play Martingale strategy in Roulette New88

The Martingale strategy has a 50% chance of winning when applied to the New88 Roulette game. Simply, if you lose in the previous game, then double your bet in the next game, continue until you win, then start the bet again from the beginning.

With How to play Roulette New88 and some good tips shared by experts above, you can rest assured to bet and win prizes at New88 Bookmaker. At the New88 website, we always continuously update good betting tips and card games for you to freely experience.

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