Collection of 9+ best goalkeepers today

The goalkeeper does not have to move much on the field, almost maintains the same position throughout the match but makes an important contribution to the team’s performance. Currently, when mentioning the best goalkeepers, we cannot ignore the 9+ names listed by New88 below. The results are compiled from leading expert sources so you can trust them.

Young goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma

Gianluigi Donnarumma from PSG club, Italy has won the title of excellent goalkeeper at the EURO 2020 season. Up to now, as a goalkeeper, Donnarumma still maintains stable performance, at the age of 24. This player is really in great form.

This goalkeeper’s potential caused the top French club PSG to push away two other excellent goalkeepers, Keylor Navas and Alphonse Areola. Goalkeeper Donnarumma had the opportunity to demonstrate his excellent level of catching the ball by saving many matches.

Outstanding goalkeeper Jan Oblak

Goalkeeper Jan Oblak from Atletico Madrid Club, Slovenia has just turned 31 years old, has more than 10 years of brilliance, appearing in more than 400 matches with the team. At the top Spanish team, he was always honored to be among the top goalkeepers for many years in a row.

Although he does not possess the ability to handle the ball with his feet, Oblak still asserts his strength thanks to his jumping, reflexes and extremely good judgment of situations. With outstanding ability, this name has never been among the top goalkeepers in the world

Excellent German goalkeeper – Manuel Neuer

Outstanding goalkeeper Manuel Neuer from German club Bayern Munich will officially turn 38 this year. A series of injuries during his career caused Neuer’s performance to have highs and lows, but never seriously declined. At the club, this goalkeeper still maintains the number 1 position and is very much used by the coaching staff.

Goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez

Emiliano Martinez from the Argentinian club Aston Villa had a late career as a football player but had a remarkable rise in a short time. In the English Premier League, this goalkeeper is still a bright name among the top excellent goalkeepers with outstanding blocking ability and not afraid of any ball.

Goalkeeper Guglielmo Vicario

Guglielmo Vicario is the goalkeeper who replaced goalkeeper Hugo Lloris after retiring. Up to now, these guys still maintain their reliability by always fulfilling their roles and making spectacular saves. Last season, the 27-year-old goalkeeper became one of the best goalkeepers at Tottenham despite being just a rookie.

Excellent goalkeeper Alisson

The 31-year-old goalkeeper Alisson, who is playing for Liverpool, is the best and most expensive goalkeeper today, and many clubs are actively looking for him. At some times, Alisson’s performance declined, making wrong decisions and being delayed due to injuries on the field.

However, last season he regained his form with a great feeling on the ball, retaining the title of No. 1 goalkeeper.

Goalkeeper Ederson

30-year-old goalkeeper Ederson not only stands out for his ability to catch the ball but is also known for his extremely accurate long passes. Under the Man City club shirt, although there are many opponents, no one can shake Ederson’s position thanks to his excellent blocking ability, especially in decisive moments such as penalty kick or penalty kick.

Goalkeeper Mike Maignan

Fans of AC Milan, France are no longer too sad to miss Donnarumma due to Mike Maignan’s replacement in the squad. This goalkeeper deserves the title of a multi-talented goalkeeper, his ability to block or launch attacks is considered excellent. On the French team, he also won many compliments, holding the number 1 position with his excellent goalkeeper achievements.

Outstanding goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky

In last place on the list of best goalkeepers is Lukas Hradecky from Finland. This is one of the main pillars of Bayer Leverkusen Club, the top 5 team in European Cups. With great skills, Hradecky has contributed significantly to the team’s consecutive winning streak in the Bundesliga season.

In the near future, this goalkeeper is expected to make further strides with his current high-class performance.

With the information about the 9 best goalkeepers in the world compiled by New88 above, you have gained more useful knowledge. This list is constantly changing depending on the season, so you need to keep an eye on it New88 for latest updates.

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