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Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir (2023)

Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir (2023) is a Tamil action-drama film written and directed by Venkata Krishna Roghanth in his directorial debut. The film stars Vijay Sethupathi and Megha Akash with Magizh Thirumeni, Vivek, Ragu Aditya, Mathura, Kaniha, Riythvika, Mohan Raja, Karu Palaniappan, Chinni Jayanth, Vidya Pradeep and Imman Annachi in supporting roles. The film’s title is taken from one of the Purananuru’s landscape poems, Pothuviyal 192, “Periyor Siriyor!.” The film was released on May 19, 2023.

The film tells the story of a young man named Suriya (Vijay Sethupathi) who is wrongly accused of a crime. He is forced to go on the run, and he must clear his name while also trying to protect his family. Along the way, he meets a young woman named Anjali (Megha Akash), and they team up to fight for justice.

Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir is a well-made action-drama film with a strong message of social justice. The film’s performances are top-notch, with Vijay Sethupathi giving a particularly powerful performance as Suriya. The film’s story is also well-told, and it is sure to resonate with audiences of all ages.

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The film was released to positive reviews from critics, who praised the film’s message, performances, and action sequences. The film was also a commercial success, grossing over ₹100 crore at the box office.

Here are some of the reviews for Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir:

  • “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir is a powerful and timely film that sends a strong message of social justice.” – The Hindu
  • “Vijay Sethupathi gives a career-best performance in Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir.” – Firstpost
  • “Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir is a must-see film for anyone who enjoys action-dramas with a message.” – The Times of India

If you’re looking for an action-drama film with a strong message, then I recommend checking out Yaadhum Oore Yaavarum Kelir. However, if you’re looking for a film with light-hearted humor, then you may be disappointed.”

Here are some of the notable aspects of the film:

  • The film’s title is taken from a line in the Purananuru, an ancient Tamil poem. The line translates to “In every town, all people are our kin.”
  • The film’s message of social justice is evident throughout the film. The film explores themes of discrimination, corruption, and the importance of fighting for what is right.
  • The film’s performances are top-notch. Vijay Sethupathi gives a powerful performance as Suriya, and Megha Akash is also very good as Anjali.
  • The film’s action sequences are well-choreographed and exciting. The film also features some impressive stunts.

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