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What is Penalty? Basic Rules for Penalty Rules in Soccer at Bookmakers Nhà cái uy tín

Penalty is a type of penalty (free kick) in soccer that is taken from a position 11 meters (away from the goal) after a foul in the defensive team’s penalty area. Penalty kicks are a very good opportunity to score, because the goalkeeper is alone in opposition to the penalty taker and the ball.
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Below are the basic rules for penalty kicks in soccer:

  1. Penalty Kick Location: Penalty is taken from the spot 11 meters (away from the goal) and the center of the penalty area. The fouled product will be kicked out of the restricted area.
  2. Goalie: The goalkeeper of the defending team must stand on the goal line until the penalty taker approaches the ball. The goalkeeper cannot advance beyond the goal line until the ball is kicked.
  3. Penalty Kicker: The penalty taker has the right to shoot the ball only once. After the ball is kicked, he cannot run in to score from a tackle situation. He has reasonable time to prepare and shoot the ball.
  4. The Ball Keeper: No one is allowed to stand in the goal area other than the goalkeeper and the penalty taker during the penalty kick.
  5. Ball In The Net: The goal of the penalty taker is to put the ball into the opponent’s net to score a goal. The ball must move into the net without touching the goalkeeper or the posts before a goal is scored.
  6. Referee: The referee decides to start the penalty kick process and determines whether the penalty taker has violated the rules or not. The referee is also the one who decides whether a goal is scored or not if there is any violation during the penalty kick.
  7. Penalty Corruption: If the penalty taker does not score or the ball goes out of goal, the defending team receives the right to exploit the ball from the majority of the field.

Penalty kicks are an important part of football and can decide the outcome of the match. Penalty takers often have to control their mentality to ensure they shoot the ball confidently and accurately.
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Classic Penalty Matches In World Cup History

The World Cup is a major football playground, and has witnessed classic penalty kicks throughout the World Cups. Below are some memorable penalty kicks in World Cup history:

  1. World Cup 1994 – Italy vs. Ireland:
  • The penalty kick match ended with a score of 1-0 in favor of Italy after a series of rotations, opening up the opportunity for Italy to advance to the quarter-finals.
  1. World Cup 2006 – Italy vs. France:
  • The 2006 final between Italy and France went down in history with a tense penalty kick. Italy won 5-3 in this series and for the first time since 1982 they won the World Cup.
  1. World Cup 1990 – England vs. West Germany:
  • The 1990 semi-final between England and West Germany ended 4-3 in favor of West Germany after a penalty shootout. This was a classic penalty kick and helped West Germany advance to the final.
  1. World Cup 1998 – Argentina vs. Holland:
  • The 1998 semi-final between Argentina and the Netherlands was also a tense penalty shootout, and Argentina won 4-2 after this shootout.
  1. World Cup 2018 – Croatia vs. Russia:
  • The 2018 quarterfinal match between Croatia and Russia ended 4-3 in favor of Croatia after a penalty shootout. This is a penalty kick that springs to mind for fans.
  1. World Cup 1986 – Argentina vs. Italy:
  • The 1986 semi-final between Argentina and Italy also ended with Argentina winning after a 4-3 penalty shootout.

These penalty kicks have marked the history of the World Cup and have created moments of suspense, tension, and drama for soccer fans around the world.

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