What is Dumb Head? How to Find Accurate Dumb Head Lottery

What is mute head? Dumb head is a concept that describes a number that does not appear in the lottery results table within a certain time. This number can be the first number, the last number, or a number in between. Dumb head can last from a few days to a few weeks or even longer. Together New88 Learn more about this playing method in the article below.

What are the common types of dumb heads in lottery?

What is mute head? This is the concept of a term in lottery used to refer to numbers that do not appear in the prize of that drawing. There are many different types of mute heads, but some of the most common include:

What is mute head? Muted head types are popular today

  • Touch mute head: It is a silent form where the silent number coincides with one of the digits of the prize, for example: if the beginning 0 is silent, the prizes contain the number 0 such as 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09 is counted as a dumb hit.
  • Non-touch mute head: It is a silent form where the silent number does not appear in any digits of the prize.
  • The head is dumb and dumb: It is a silent form where the silent number does not appear in both the special prize and the first prize.
  • Paired mute head: It is a type of silent number that has two consecutive silent numbers, for example: if the first number 01 is silent, the numbers 00 and 02 are also counted as winning paired dumb numbers.
  • Double mute head: It is a silent number when two silent numbers appear in the same prize period.
  • Great dumb head: It is a silent number when three silent numbers appear in the same period.

Lottery players often use dumb bets as a strategy to increase their chances of winning. By keeping track of past dumb-head appearances, players can make more accurate predictions about the numbers likely to appear in future draws.

Effective mute head scanning method

What is silent endoscopy? This is a popular method in predicting lottery results. However, to effectively examine the mute head requires a certain method as well as perseverance. Below are some silent head scanning methods that many people apply:

What is the most effective method of diagnosing mute heads?

Dumb prediction based on special prizes

Review the special prize results of previous draws to find numbers that rarely appear or have not returned for a long time. These numbers have a high chance of coming back in the next drawing.

Check the dumb head according to the liver lottery

Lottery pairs are lottery pairs that do not return for a long time. When a lottery number appears too many times, the possibility that it will return in the next drawing is very high. Therefore, players can judge their bets based on these numbers.

Look at the mute head according to the clamp bridge

A clamped bridge is when one number is sandwiched between two other numbers and returns many times in succession. Players can monitor the bridge to find numbers that are likely to return in the next drawing.

Look at the dumb head according to silver memory

Silver memory is a method based on available statistical rules. Players can refer to the memory tables to find pairs of numbers that often come together or numbers that often come after another number comes before.

What are the odds of winning a dumb header?

What is mute head? This is the term for lottery results that do not appear a specific number. For example, a silent 0 is a lottery result that does not appear any numbers from 0 to 9.

The odds of winning when playing dumb head are extremely attractive

The winning rate when playing dumb heads depends on the number of dumb heads the player chooses. Specifically:

  • Hit 1 dumb head: The odds of winning are 1/10.
  • Play 2 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/25.
  • Play 3 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/50.
  • Play 4 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/100.
  • Play 5 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/250.
  • Play 6 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/500.
  • Play 7 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/1000.
  • Play 8 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/2500.
  • Play 9 dumb heads: The odds of winning are 1/5000.

Note: These are estimated rates only. Actual winning odds may vary depending on the type of lottery and the regulations of each station you choose.

What is the valuable experience from veteran experts when encountering dumb heads?

Many players fall into the “dumb head” situation – a period when the results that the player bets on do not come back, even if they have tried betting many times. Many people often get discouraged and lose their motivation to continue. However, with perseverance and experience gained over a long period of time, veteran experts have compiled some “golden” secrets:
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The golden secret when choosing to play the dumb head method in lottery

Maintain your mentality while playing

One of the prerequisites when facing a dumb person is to maintain a strong mentality. Absolutely do not let consecutive failures drag down your confidence. Instead, stay calm and carefully analyze your play. Dumb heads are often part of the playing process and do not necessarily indicate a player’s bad luck. Sometimes, it is simply a result of a lack of consistency in betting strategies.

Adjust tactics, set reasonable bet levels

To overcome what is a dumb head, players can try to adjust their betting strategy. Instead of focusing on investing in a few numbers, consider distributing your money more evenly across many different numbers. This method helps increase the chance of winning, although the winning amount may not be too large. Besides, players can also try changing the time of betting or try another bookmaker.

Grasp capital tightly and use it at the right time

Another secret for players who are having a dumb head is to have strict financial control. Never bet money beyond your ability to pay. Always make sure that the betting amount is only a small part of your income. Thanks to that, even if you experience a series of consecutive losses, you will not be affected too much financially.


Above is the related information What is mute head? but the house New88 want to share with readers. Hopefully our article will help you better understand this type of bet while playing lottery.

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