What are the outstanding advantages of AG Live Casino? Explore Now

AG Live Casino known as one of the top developers and providers of quality beat ’em up games in Asia. Currently, this unit is working closely with many reputable bookmakers on the market, bringing players countless interesting card games with prizes. We invite you to explore this game hall in more detail with Game bài đổi thưởng.

Information about AG Live Casino

AG Casino’s full name is Asia Gaming, part of the leading online betting group in Asia. AG Lobby was officially established in 2012, and has now officially cooperated closely with many large bookmakers in the market.

At Casino AG there are a total of 2 main halls including: International Hall and main hall. Each hall is divided into many different tables for players to choose for entertainment. AG’s casino space is designed with a lively, realistic interface, especially with a real human dealer dealing cards.

When customers entertain here, they will be able to monitor all statistics on odds, number of chips, table history, etc. All gambling activities at AG Live Casino take place online.

Compare AG Live Casino and BBIN Casino

AG Live and BBIN Casino is currently receiving great attention from many bookmakers and players in the betting market. So what are the similarities and differences between these two game halls? We invite you to join us in analyzing the following:


Below are some similar characteristics of the two game halls AG and BBIN:

  • AG Live Casino and BBIN Casino are two famous online game halls in the online betting market.
  • Both are trusted by many large, reputable bookmakers for long-term cooperation.
  • They all provide a rich inventory of online betting games, beautiful images, and simple rules. In particular, both halls have dealers who are real people dealing cards.
  • Customer information security is high when participating in entertainment at these two game halls.


Although there are many similarities mentioned above song  AG Live Casino and BBIN Casino also has some differences. Specifically:

  • About the field: AG specializes in providing prize-winning card games such as Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Sic Bo, Roulette, Trac Kim Hoa, etc. BBIN Casino offers a variety of types such as: Sports betting with more than 75 sports, 3-region lottery, online casino, fish shooting with cash rewards,…
  • About development history: Lobby BBIN has a longer period of operation than the AG lobby.
  • Regarding scope of activities: Casino Game Bài Đổi Thưởng mainly operates in the Asian betting market. And BBIN has expanded its presence into the European market.
  • About live rooms: AG has a total of 6 live rooms including: AGIN, EURO, Multiplay, AGQ and professional livestream channel. As for BBIN Just divided by game genre.

AG Live Casino lobby features

It is no coincidence that the AG lobby has such widespread appeal and coverage as it does today. AG Casino has been building a system to provide online betting games with many outstanding advantages as follows:

There are countless games

AG Lobby currently offers countless quality online betting card games for players to choose from. Typically: Trac Kim Hoa, sicbo, roulette, dragon tiger, blackjack, baccarat,…

Each game AG offers has beautiful, hot female dealers dealing cards. It not only creates a professional and realistic playing field but also increases the enjoyment for players when participating in betting.


The issue of personal information security is always a top priority for AG Live Casino lobby. Specifically, this unit has invested a large amount of money to apply advanced security technology. Thanks to that, all customer data will be protected at the maximum level of confidentiality. On the other hand, AG lobby commits not to sell player information to third parties.


When players experience the games at the AG lobby, they will notice that 100% of the games have optimized betting rules. Thanks to that, players will easily get acquainted and participate in recreational betting on games provided by AG. From there, increase your chances of winning bets and bringing home many valuable rewards.
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Suitable for many

The next outstanding plus point of AG lobby is the design of games that are suitable for many audiences. From male to female, from young to middle-aged or from beginners to veterans. Everyone can find the most suitable games for themselves at the AG lobby.


So Game Bài Đổi Thưởng I have just finished exploring with you some outstanding features of the AG Live Casino lobby. This is a famous online card game provider in the Asian market. Players should learn and spend time participating in the online entertainment experience at AG in the near future.

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