Vietnam Futsal Football: Update the Latest Information 

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Vietnamese futsal football in the 2024 Asian season

Vietnamese futsal football participates in the Asian finals with many hopes and many goals to achieve. Among them, the most important task is to win a ticket to attend the FIFA Futsal World Cup taking place in Uzbekistan in September this year. However, this dream could not come true with the following disappointing matches.

Group stage

Through the group stage, Vietnam only won 1 victory with a minimal difference against opponent China. Along with that, the match against Myanmar they continued to disappoint the audience when it ended in a 1-1 draw. 

At the same time, in the match against Thailand – the strongest team in Southeast Asia at the moment. It is also difficult for us to avoid a loss when Thailand has home field advantage. With the results in the group stage, Vietnam could not win the best position but also had to face a much more difficult challenge in the quarter-finals.


Here, Vietnamese futsal football faces a big challenge when facing Uzbekistan – the home team in this year’s FIFA Futsal World Cup. Even though they played with a spirit of effort, the Golden Star Warriors still had difficulty avoiding an unfavorable result. The 1-2 defeat to their opponent completely ended their hopes of progressing further in the Asian finals.


Having failed in the quarterfinals, Pham Duc Hoa and his teammates still have one more chance to win a valuable ticket to Uzbekistan this September. That was the play-off match against Kyrgyzstan, a team that was considered weaker than the red shirt team.

However, everything did not go as expected, Mr. Diego Giustozzi and his team lost to their opponents in the last minutes with a bitter result. Thereby accepting to miss the third consecutive World Cup participation of the Vietnam futsal football team. 

Vietnam Futsal’s ranking dropped sharply on the world rankings 

Right after the end of the Asian finals, the World Football Federation (FIFA) updated the latest information on the global Futsal rankings. What is worth noting is that the position of teams in Southeast Asia has changed drastically. 

Specifically, after the recent unimpressive performance, the team Vietnamese futsal football 56 points were deducted, down to 1035. With this result, we were deducted 9 places on the rankings, from 39th to 48th in the world. Another notable news according to the ASEAN Football news site: Of the 11 teams in Southeast Asia, only Vietnam was relegated.

The two countries that were promoted were Indonesia and Myanmar, while the remaining 8 members of Southeast Asia maintained their positions. Thailand is still the “bogey man” in the region after its recent performance. 

News about the captain of the Vietnam futsal football team

Currently, the head coach of the Golden Star Warriors is the 45-year-old Argentine coach – Diego Giustozzi. Despite having poor results after the last campaign. However, according to the latest information, Mr. Giustozzi has just had his contract extended by VFF.

Specifically, after the Vietnamese team returned to the country. The Vietnam Football Federation (VFF) has officially announced the contract extension with coach Diego Giustozzi for another 2 years. According to information from VFF, the Argentine captain will continue to take on the role of leading the Vietnam futsal team until April 2026. The goal of VFF and the former world champion coach is nothing other than bringing Vietnam returns to the World Cup playing field.

Plan of Vietnamese futsal football in the near future

After an unfortunate loss in the play-off match against Kyrgyzstan, the Vietnam futsal team returned home from Thailand on the evening of April 27. Team members will rest for a period of time before returning to the rhythm of the 2024 HDBank Futsal National Championship.

According to plan, the tournament will continue in early June. Currently, 3 rounds have taken place and have to be paused so coach Diego Giustozzi and his team can focus on preparing for the Asian arena.
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Achievements of Vietnamese futsal in the past

Overall, in recent years, Vietnamese futsal football has achieved many impressive achievements. Affirming its position as one of the strongest teams in Asia.

Attended Futsal World Cup 2016

In 2016, Vietnam performed impressively at the Asian Futsal Championship. Our country’s team created a real earthquake when they defeated Japan in the quarterfinals. This victory was not only a surprise but also a big step forward for Vietnamese futsal football on the Asean map. The team won a ticket to the historic semi-finals, and this is also the way to bring Vietnam to the world cup for the first time. 

Repeat the same achievement in 2021

During their historic journey to participate in the World Cup for the second time, the Golden Star Warriors faced many challenges due to the impact of the Covid – 19 epidemic. For the above reason, the Asian finals were canceled. Instead, AFC decided to give special permission for 3 teams Iran, Japan and Uzbekistan to represent them to attend the 2021 Futsal World Cup. Along with that, 2 play-off matches will take place to determine the remaining 2 names.

With this decision from the Asian Football Confederation, Vietnamese futsal football along with three other teams: Thailand, Iraq and Lebanon will play in the play-offs. After the lottery process, coach Pham Minh Giang’s team will then meet the Lebanese team. The match will be played in a home-away format and also on a neutral field.

Even though we drew 0-0 in the first leg and 1-1 in the second leg, thanks to the away goals rule, we officially won tickets to the Futsal World Cup. This victory is once again a testament to the strength and perseverance of the team. At the same time, this is a pride for all sports fans in our country. 

The news surrounding Vietnamese futsal football has been Hi88 Summarize and send to readers specifically. Hopefully readers have had a clear view of our country’s futsal in recent times. Don’t forget to support the team in their next journeys with many new goals!

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