Top 5 Outstanding Fish Shooting Games with Rewards Today

Shooting fish for rewards is chosen by many bettors to make money online. This entertainment genre brings comfortable and attractive entertainment moments to players. To find the right product, let’s join New88 Check out 5 featured games. From there, you can easily place bets in the most accurate way.

General introduction about shooting fish and exchanging prizes

For a long time, big bookies have integrated fish shooting to help bettors enjoy their entertainment. This genre includes many games that simulate the vast, vast ocean. When participating, players transform into hunters and destroy creatures. There are many groups of fish, squid, and shrimp hiding and gradually showing up. The number of fish you hunt will determine the reward you get from this game.

Betting with fish shooting and exchanging prizes actually does not require much skill. The important thing when participating is that bettors must remember the weapons available in the game. At the same time, combine the use of guns, bullets, and bombs in a timely and timely manner. This determines the possibility of winning the game.

Top 5 most attractive fish shooting prizes today

Currently, fish shooting for bonuses is popular with many different genres and ways of playing. This has met the entertainment needs of each bettor. Below, let’s take a look at the top 5 most attractive and outstanding fish shooting games. From there, you can easily make accurate investment decisions:

Hunting angelfish

Among the fish shooting genres, Fairy Fish Hunting is a game with the theme of mythology and fairies. Creatures are equipped with beautiful, shimmering appearances to match the game. Besides, what makes the game Mermaid Hunting attractive also lies in the weapons. Because in addition to basic guns and bullets, there are also other functional fish such as: destroying to explode bombs, freezing large areas,…

From the above characteristics, Mermaid Hunting has attracted many bettors to participate in betting. Not only attracted by the graphics, players also come for the bonuses. Profits are divided according to the rank of each group of fish. Thereby, you can attract money according to the hunting effort.

Shooting Dinosaur fish

Not as splendid as Angel Fish Hunting, Dinosaur Fish Shooting is a variation with big boss fish. They are often set up in a prehistoric style, combined with groups of small low-reward fish. Players coming to this genre need to distinguish groups of fish. Thereby, you choose the most suitable weapon. Thanks to that, we can get closer to the bonus paid by the house.

Dinosaur fish shooting often has a clear classification between bonuses. The player who hunts any fish will receive a reward corresponding to that group of fish. Of course, there will be exceptions for fish that have the function of continuous shooting, destroying passing creatures, etc. Thanks to that, players will have the most interesting entertainment experience.
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Shooting Arowana fish

The Arowana fish shooting genre is often associated with familiar New Year themes. The fish will simulate the legend of the carp turning into a dragon. Accordingly, creature symbols are elaborated in terms of images, colors and movements.

Players will place bets and buy different weapons. Next, attack the creatures that have just flooded the screen to capture them and hunt for rewards. If it’s a regular fish, it’s easier to catch. However, if you choose the dragon boss fish, you must consider carefully before choosing a weapon.

Fishing West Journey

In fish shooting for prize money, West Journey fish shooting is a special genre modeled after Journey to the West. Therefore, you will encounter characters like Sun Wukong, Tang Monk, Pigsy,… in the ocean. However, the main ones are still fish that carry bonus coins. Thanks to that, players will freely choose creatures to earn rewards.

The characteristics of Tay Du fish shooting are simple, easy to play and beautiful graphics. Those who want to earn rewards from this category should take advantage of it to participate in betting. Thereby, you will quickly receive the amount of money according to your wishes.

Mega fish shooting

Mega fish shooting is loved by many players and chosen by bookmakers. Because this is the game genre with the most bonus opportunities. Besides hunting fish, you can earn rewards thanks to the Mega spins. If you find the lucky box in Mega, the bettor will receive money immediately. This money can be converted to buy weapons to shoot more types of creatures.


Details about the top 5 outstanding fish shooting products with rewards have been provided by New88 above. Those who are interested in this field can conveniently and easily make a choice. From there, you can easily earn bonuses according to the game that suits your strengths. Learn more how to play fish shooting machine will help you diversify your options to earn effective bonuses.

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