Platinum Dragon: An effective prediction tool for lottery players

Platinum Dragon is a super useful prediction tool that can help you quickly increase your chances of winning the lottery. Predict 789bet will help you learn about the useful features available on the site, which are highly appreciated by many lottery players.

Update Northern lottery results fastest

If you want to update the Northern lottery results quickly and accurately, you can access the “Results” section. Here, you can easily filter the results table according to your wishes:

  • Day of the week: You can choose to see results on all days of the week or just one day, for example Monday, Tuesday,…
  • Number of days: If you want to see lottery results for how many days, you can enter the corresponding number, for example 3 days, 5 days, 7 days,…
  • By date: If you want to see the date of the results, you need to update the specific date here. 
  • The first and last table/only shows special prizes: You want to see the first and last table of the lot or the special prize table, you just need to select this criterion.

After selecting all the above factors, click “view results” and the system will update the Northern lottery results as you wish. 

Platinum Dragon statistics lottery results in super detail

With the statistics section, Platinum Dragon will help you easily find out the cycle of each lottery number, you can choose factors such as:

  • Number of days: How many days do you want to calculate the lottery results for, please fill in here, for example 30, 45, 60,…
  • Last day: What day do you want the lottery statistics to last, please fill in here. 
  • Pair of numbers: You can specify the pair of numbers you want to track, assuming you want to fully track the pair of numbers, you can choose 00 – 99.
  • Sort by: You can adjust the order of displayed number pairs, for example 00 -> 99.
  • Lotto/special: If you want to see lottery or lottery statistics, you can adjust the check box in this section.

After selecting all the above criteria, you just need to press “Statistics” and the system will return the desired results table. 

The number closing section is easy to refer to

You can easily refer to the nominations of platinum dragon lottery players in this section. This section has a special feature that you can easily see the winning rate of each member when you hover over that member’s name. That way, you will know which members have trustworthy opinions for easy reference. 

Platinum Dragon provides accurate prediction tools

You can use the prediction tool that Platinum Dragon provides to optimize your chances of winning the lottery. You can choose one of the following two prediction methods:
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  • Comprehensive prediction: You need to choose the length of the bridge, date, flashing number, tick the special prize/roll/no roll. 
  • Find a bet for a pair of numbers: You need to choose the following factors: Find all the bets for a pair of numbers

According to experts’ opinions, you should use the prediction tool 2-3 times continuously to ensure the results are most accurate, without errors.

Platinum Dragon provides powerful analysis tools

To help you increase your chances of winning when playing the lottery, Platinum Dragon has provided many useful tools:

  • Live cycle statistics: This is a tool that helps players calculate the periods of non-appearance (live interval) of a pair of numbers. To use, you need to enter the pair of numbers you want to check and select the time period (default is the most recent 2 years). The Min value is the lowest range you need to calculate.
  • Lottery frequency statistics: You need to choose the pair of numbers you want to monitor, the lot or number position, the topic you are interested in, delta. Thus, the system will return you the corresponding chart, serving the prediction work. 
  • Frequency statistics by matched pairs: Similar to lot frequency statistics, you also need to choose the same criteria. Its different point is that the system will add statistics on the frequency of mixed numbers. 
  • Head-to-tail frequency statistics: Criteria you need to choose include: head/tail, lot/lot, tracking period, delta. The system will let you know which tails are most likely to return to shore so you can build a more effective number line. 

Statistics of top lots of the day

Platinum Dragon will fully list the numbers most chosen by lottery players during the day in descending order. You can refer to the list of top lots to make investments. Usually, whichever number is chosen by many brothers will have a very high chance of coming home because it is the result of many different methods of predicting numbers. 


As long as you know how to use the features available on the platinum dragon, you can completely optimize your chances of winning plot threads mine. Therefore, you should take the time to research this website, you will surely be surprised by its impressive features. 

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