How to Pour Fighting Chicken – Gain Experience in Casting Standard Chicken

How to pour fighting cock will help you own extremely outstanding fighting cocks with the inheritance of characteristics from their parents. So how is this pouring done and is it complicated? Please follow the detailed article below with us!

Some basic information on how to pour fighting cocks

Before you go into learning about cách đổ gà đá You need to clearly understand what fighting cockfighting is. Simply put, this is considered a breeding technique to create the next generation of fighting chickens with many outstanding advantages. This is considered a very important technique that not everyone can perform well.

This technique will help maintain the breed of fighting chickens, especially with today’s rare breeds. That’s why many people are currently interested in and learning about this pouring technique to create good warriors for themselves. If done successfully, you will have chickens with great fighting skills and many outstanding characteristics.

Introducing some basic information about fighting cocks

Some good and effective ways to fight cocks that cockers need to know

To get yourself good fighting cocks and possess many great advantages after breeding from the parents, cockers should apply some effective experiences below:

Use purebred chicken lines

Breed chickens are not only famous but also extremely rare in our country and are hunted and sought after by many people. Usually, this breed will be concentrated mainly in some areas such as: Ba Ria, Cao Lanh, etc. Therefore, if a cocker wants to have a good hen but cannot buy the breed from someone else. So the only way is to breed it yourself at home.

At such times, the cocker can apply these methods how to pour fighting cock Simply depends on your preferences. The most important thing is that you need to find and choose a standard fighting hen to breed effectively

Besides, you also need to carefully observe their external appearance to see if they meet your requirements or not. The cockerel can observe their scales, feathers and crests and if they meet all the criteria, they should choose to breed them.

How to breed fighting cocks: Cross far

How to pour fighting cock Next, you can use the outcrossing method to get good breeds for training and competition. This is a hybrid technique applied to two different breeds and of course they will have no relationship. The main purpose of this method is to create a new variety with the convergence of advantages of both parents. Specifically:

  • Direct crossbreeding: Cockers crossbreed between two purebred breeds to get new offspring after crossbreeding with all the advantages of the parents. This crossbreeding method will be used for the main purpose of maintaining the breed of a number of purebred breeds.
  • Three-line crossbreeding: The cockerel breeds between the father or mother’s hybrid line and then breeds it with the purebred line. Thus, after hatching, the chicks will have all the outstanding characteristics of all 3 lines above.

How to breed fighting chickens simply by outcrossing method

Hybrid method is based on selecting breeds

This is also one how to pour fighting cock The most chosen by many cockers today. However, this method will generally depend a lot on the male of the cross. In general, this method will be quite similar to the outcrossing method above. But one of the only differences is that they only use one source of chicken to make it.

  • Advantages: Helps improve the breed of domestic fighting cocks when breeding.
  • Disadvantages: The quality of the breed’s genes will depend heavily on the animals of other families. The number of genes of domestic males will be gradually eliminated.

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Good tips for taking care of chickens after successful breeding

After you have successfully applied it how to pour fighting cock We shared it above. At this time, cockers need to give themselves some additional care tips below such as:

  • With breed chickens, after being cared for for about 7-8 months, they will begin to accept cocks. During this time, to maintain the breed, you need to choose healthy males with strong, sturdy bodies. In addition, you should consider the external appearance such as: fur, scales, bones, etc.
  • The first batch after successful breeding of cocks should not be raised for competition. Because according to some people’s experience, this is a breed with hair tied, so it will not be able to meet important criteria when competing.
  • Starting from the second generation, you should raise them to use for fighting purposes. At this time, the mother will be able to produce a litter that is better than the original and meets all requirements every time she goes out into the field.
  • Breeding hens will usually only lay about 7 to 8 eggs per batch. If you discover that they lay more than 10 eggs, they are not breeding chickens and should be removed immediately.
  • It is better to let the mother hen incubate the eggs and raise the chicks herself than industrial breeders. In case their mothers are not good at raising their chicks, you should only add food to the chicks at the end of the day.

Good simple chicken care tips for cockers


Above is some information about how to pour fighting cock that we want to send to our readers. Hopefully through that you will be able to breed a good chicken breed for yourself to compete in. If you want to know more about raising standard fighting chickens, click Hi88.

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