How to Play Binh Buu? Detailed 2024 Guidance

Bai Binh Buu is an attractive game and the way to participate is very simple. Just refer to our article, you can participate in every game of Binh Buu easily. Don’t skip this article because it will help you have a super entertaining game. hi88 will provide you with the most detailed information on how to play this type of card through the article below.

What is Bai Binh Buu?

Binh Buu is a card game, also known as “4-card Binh” or buu, using a deck of 52 cards and no Joker cards. Unlike games that rely on luck, Bai Buu mainly focuses on the player’s skills. The basic rules of this game have many similarities with blackjack, but are designed to be easy to access and understand, especially for beginners.

In Bai Binh Buu, each player receives four cards to arrange into two parts: “head” and “tail.” In these two parts, it is important that the two cards in the “head” part must have a greater value than the two cards in the “tail” part. Each player’s score is calculated to determine the winning or losing result.

There are two popular ways to play this card. One is to play without using a deck of cards, removing the cards from the deck. Second, play using a full deck of 52 cards. Each way of playing brings a different experience and creates diversity in the Bai Buu player community.

Latest Binh Buu card game rules

Binh Buu card game is not difficult to understand, you can easily grasp it through the following instructions:

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  • Use a traditional Western deck of 52 cards. Each person is dealt 4 cards.
  • The player will choose the female hand or the conc hand.
  • The player’s hand is compared with the other hand. During the process of dealing cards, players must arrange cards according to their strategy to win.
  • The condition for successful card casting is to use the 2 cards above that have a value smaller than the 2 cards below. The player with the higher score will win.

The doors placed in the game include:

  • Banker hand: The player who wins the small hand will receive a bet with a ratio of 1:2.
  • Small hand (collection of children): The player who wins the lower hand will receive a bet with a ratio of 1:2.
  • Female Jackpot: Wins when the player is holding a hand with Jackpot.
  • Child Jackpot: Win when the player holds a hand with Jackpot.
  • Betting limit on the house and child bets, the minimum is 20 and the maximum is 5000. For Jackpot bets, you can only bet at least 23,000 for each bet.

How to calculate points in Bai Binh Buu

The scoring method is not too complicated as follows:

Four of a Kind: This is the largest card connection when there are 4 identical cards. Players will not participate in the battle but will only compare cards with others. Four of a kind will win by default.

Gray Lady: In case the player has 3 identical cards in hand, ranked behind four of a kind. Just like four of a kind, you don’t need soldiers and win by default when comparing points.

Card rank:

  • The biggest is “Buu” or also known as “Pair”: You have 2 identical cards, called buu. The order of treasures from largest to smallest is 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, J, Q, K, A.
  • Gong (less than a pair): 1 9 card with an A card is counted as one gong. In addition, two different Western cards (J, Q, K) are also called attacks.

Total score: Total score is determined in order from 0 to 9. If the total is 10, subtract 10.

Instructions for playing Bai Binh Buu are as follows

To play Binh Buu, follow these steps:

Step 1: Choose a reputable casino

First of all, find a reputable online casino to join the game. Register and log in to your account then deposit money to be able to bet, because most games are not free.

Step 2: Choose the online Binh Buu card game

At the house, you can go to the online casino to choose the Binh Buu card you play.

For new players, start with low bets to get familiar with the rules of the game.

Step 3: Choose the type of card (western or non-western)

Most Binh Buu card games default to using a Western deck (52 cards), but you can also choose to remove the Western cards (J, Q, K) to have a non-Western deck.

Step 4: Place bet and wait for results

Each player places a bet by choosing the bet amount on options such as “Banker,” “Player,” “Jackpot” (bet on the Banker winning the jackpot), and “Baby Jackpot” (bet on the player winning the jackpot). .

The system will deal cards to “Banker” and “Player”, each side receives 4 cards and arranges them into 2 first cards and 2 last cards.

Then, the system will compare the scores and determine the winning or losing results. If you bet correctly, you will receive a corresponding reward.

Step 5: Receive reward and can continue playing

Payouts are determined depending on the bet type, with different odds for “Banker,” “Player,” and Jackpot types.

Keep playing and enjoy the experience.

Through the above steps, you can participate in the online Binh Buu card game easily and interestingly.
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Experience playing Binh Buu cards is super good

To have more victories in Buu card game, you should refer to the experiences of the masters below:

Play according to folding strategy

The folding strategy is considered one of the most effective methods in Bai Binh Buu. You simply bet on one hand (Banker or Player) and prolong the bet with double the amount each next game. However, to be successful, you need to be patient and have a large enough initial investment. Loss of consideration can lead to big losses.

Limit your bets:

Because each game takes place quickly, determining your betting limit is very important to avoid financial loss. Set a financial limit for yourself and stick to it, stopping when you reach the set limit to protect your psychology and finances.

Learn probability and statistics

Consider the probabilities and statistics provided by the bookmaker to choose bets with higher odds of winning. Understanding the win rate of each door helps you make smarter investment decisions. For example, if the Banker hand has a higher win rate, you can increase your chances of winning by betting on that hand.

Choose the right strategy

There are many different strategies for playing Bai Binh Buu such as folding, Martingale, Fibonacci, Paroli, and psychological control. Choosing a strategy that suits your abilities and playing style is important.

In short, applying the above experiences can help you increase your chances of winning and limit risks when participating in the Binh Buu card game.


Bai Binh Buu is a game with quite simple gameplay, allowing players to easily get acquainted and participate without much previous experience. However, if you have previous playing experience, accumulate more tips and strategies to increase your chances of winning.

If you want to experience playing Binh Buu online in a safe and classy way, come to the house Hi88. Hope you have enjoyable moments of entertainment and achieve good results in the game!

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