How to dribble the ball like Messi can be practiced on your own

In soccer, there are many different ways to dribble the ball, helping players easily pass opponents. Each dribbling technique will have a different implementation, just mastering a few dribbling methods is enough for the player to create a breakthrough, opening up the opportunity to score against the opponent.

So in this article, Kubet will share some effective ways to dribble, which you must definitely learn!

What is dribbling technique? The effectiveness of dribbling technique?

Dribbling, also known as dribbling or dribbling, is a technique that a player uses to move his body and the ball past his opponent. The ball will be completely under that player’s control, and other opposing players will not be able to get the ball.

Dribbling techniques are extremely diverse, and each style will have a different way of doing it. Depending on the skill set, flexibility, flexibility and thinking of the player performing it, the technique will be successful and beautiful or not.

Every professional player in the world will have a unique dribbling technique and every time it is mentioned, you must immediately remember their name. With dribbling experts, they can not only pass 1 person but can pass 3, 4 to 5 people at once and even score a goal. The effectiveness of dribbling techniques in a match will bring many opportunities as follows:

  • Help players pass people.
  • Helps players control the situation.
  • Helps players open up a shooting angle to score.
  • Disturbing the opponent’s defense.
  • Pass people to pass or create assists for teammates,…

It can be seen that passing people in football will bring many advantages to the player who performs it. So there are many superstars in the world who have practiced and retrained a technique over and over again, to make it their forte.

How to dribble effectively

Next Kubet will share with everyone the most effective way to dribble, performed by many professional players:

How to dribble: push the ball and accelerate

It can be said that this is the simplest and most effective way to dribble, but requires the player to have impressive speed and flexibility. Football news has mentioned experts of this technique such as: Kylian Mbappe, Vinicius, Luis Diaz, Gareth Bale… how to perform the technique as follows:

Play the ball at medium speed, and observe your opponent’s posture.

If the opposing player tends to move closer to cut the ball, gradually increase the speed.

Until the distance is narrowed to 1 to 2 meters, push the ball towards the opponent’s base, or you can move the ball up, with moderate force.

Once you have overcome your opponent, use your body’s flexibility and do not let your opponent cling to you because they will likely intentionally make a mistake. Then accelerate and push the ball forward to pass your opponent.

How to dribble using the needle threading technique

The technique of threading the needle is considered an art in football, and the player who performs it is definitely an artist. Not only does it bring high efficiency, but the needle-thread dribbling technique also shows the class and sophistication of that player:

With the needle threading technique, it is necessary to observe the opposing player carefully at first, and pay attention to the distance between the opponent’s legs.

When the opponent comes closer, and tends to stand and defend, quickly push the ball between the legs. It is necessary to push the ball with sufficient force, within control.

In addition, there are some highly technical players who combine this dribbling method with a number of other movements to create a very difficult dribbling combination. But to do this is not easy depending on each person’s skills.

How to dribble past people with the Body Feint skill

How to dribble past people with the Skill Body Feint requires the player to have a supple body and flexible legs. When mentioning this skill, we will surely immediately remember football genius Lionel Messi. It can be said that El Pulga is the player who is most proficient at this skill.
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The dribbler controls the ball between his legs, while spreading his legs shoulder-width apart. Take a step with your supporting foot and stomp it on the ground. At the same time, lift your other foot up as if preparing to push the ball away.

While placing the foot, the body tends to lean forward, as if preparing for a quick move, to deceive the opponent.

When the opponent thinks we will continue moving in the direction we just placed our foot, and they move to block or cut the ball. Then quickly use the ball of your foot, or you can combine it with a leg reversal situation to push the ball in the opposite direction from the direction the opponent is rushing in to pass the person.


Dribbling will help players create sudden situations, and open up scoring opportunities for their team. Hope these football news provided above by Kubet will help you grasp some passing techniques, and can immediately apply them to the matches you participate in.

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