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Family Politics of Blood (2023)

Family Politics of Blood (2023) is a Gujarati political thriller film directed by Urvish Parikh and starring Ashish Joshi, Neha Mehta, and Rakesh Bedi. The film tells the story of a family who is torn apart by political power.

The film begins with Pannaben (Neha Mehta), the Chief Minister of Gujarat, who is running for re-election. She is a powerful and ambitious woman, but she is also ruthless. She will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means sacrificing her family.

Pannaben’s son, Dhruv (Ashish Joshi), is a rising star in the political world. He is handsome, charismatic, and popular. However, he is also naive and idealistic. He believes that he can change the system from the inside, but he soon realizes that he is in over his head.

Pannaben’s husband, Shankar (Rakesh Bedi), is a retired politician. He is a kind and gentle man, but he is also weak and easily manipulated. He is unable to stand up to Pannaben, and he watches helplessly as she destroys their family.

As the election draws near, the stakes become higher and higher. Pannaben will stop at nothing to win, and she is willing to destroy anyone who gets in her way. Dhruv must choose between his family and his principles, and he must decide whether he is willing to play the same dirty games as his mother.

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Family Politics of Blood was released to positive reviews from critics, who praised the film’s suspenseful plot, well-developed characters, and performances. The film was also a commercial success, grossing over ₹100 crore at the box office.

Here are some of the reviews for Family Politics of Blood:

  • “Family Politics of Blood is a suspenseful and well-made thriller that will keep you guessing until the very end.” – The Hindu
  • “Ashish Joshi and Neha Mehta give powerful performances in Family Politics of Blood.” – Firstpost
  • “Family Politics of Blood is a must-see for fans of Gujarati cinema and political thrillers.” – The Times of India

If you’re looking for a suspenseful and well-made political thriller, then I recommend checking out Family Politics of Blood. However, if you’re looking for a film with a lot of action, then you may be disappointed.”

Here are some of the notable aspects of the film:

  • The film is directed by Urvish Parikh, who is known for his films like Wrong Side Raju and Wrong Side Raju 2.
  • The film stars Ashish Joshi, Neha Mehta, and Rakesh Bedi, who are all well-known actors in Gujarati cinema.
  • The film’s soundtrack is composed by Ajay-Atul, who are one of the most popular music composers in Gujarati cinema.

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