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Bingo fish shooting It is still causing a stir in the gaming community since its launch. Because, up to now, this is the game that best meets the entertainment needs of players from graphics to game quality. Besides, the game’s reward rate is also extremely attractive. Follow jun88.com đăng nhập article below for more information about this unique form of entertainment.

General introduction to the Bingo fish shooting game

Bingo Fish Shooting is a fish shooting game launched in 2020, but in the past 3 years, this fish shooting game has left a deep impression on gamers. Upgraded unique features and thousands of other interesting effects will make anyone attracted.

Players will have entertaining moments with the colorful ocean world. The marine ecosystem is recreated with unique 3D graphics and cheerful colors. Gamers also have the opportunity to become fishermen who conquer the sea with unique weapons. 

Besides, the extremely attractive payout rate of Bingo fish shooting will make you unable to take your eyes off. Guaranteed, just invest a little capital and you will reap a huge catch. The forms of reward exchange are extremely diverse to meet each person’s needs. In addition, the game also has a series of different game modes suitable for each person’s level and economy. It can be said that this is the most entertaining game worth experiencing this year.

Revealing the basic rules of Bingo fish shooting

Fish shooting games always have very simple gameplay, no matter what age you are, you can understand very quickly. To clarify more about the game rules, you can follow the following information:


The Bingo fish shooting game also does not have many differences in rules compared to other games of the same genre. What you need to do during the game is aim accurately at the creatures that appear on the screen, load and shoot. For each different species, you will receive the corresponding number of coins. The bigger the fish, the more coins you receive.

The playable rooms are in the game 

In the fish shooting game, there will be many different rooms suitable for each person’s ability. Each room will have its own interesting points, but they will all help you increase your capital significantly. As follows:

  • Dong: If you don’t have any experience with Bingo fish shooting game, you can join this room. Because the movement speed of the creatures here is very slow. It seems to be a mode for you to practice shooting. At the same time, the number of coins received will not be high.
  • Silver: For this room, there will be a minimum capital requirement that you must have. You will have to develop your own strategies to conquer more than 50 creatures and gain the highest profits.
  • Gold: The most classy Bingo fish shooting room. Not only will you experience playing dark weapons, there are many diverse features that are not available in the previous two rooms. However, the difficulty level of the room will be several times higher than the levels above, so be sure of your ability before participating.

The weapons available in the game are unique

Coming to Bingo fish shooting, you will be overwhelmed with the arsenal of weapons. In addition, there are unique support features. Details are as follows:
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Information about fish guns

Different types of guns will correspond to different operating costs and power. The more coins the gun costs, the more powerful the shot will be, increasing the ability to kill fish in one shot. Therefore, players should regularly upgrade their weapons to quickly master the endless ocean.

Other weapons to support Bingo fish shooting

Besides guns, the game also has other effects and support features. Gamers just need to combine skillfully to become a billionaire quickly:

  • Cannon: This is the most basic weapon in the game that anyone who wants to master the game must have. Each different level will provide different levels of damage, increasing ammo flexibly for the best effectiveness.
  • Bomb: This advanced weapon will help you destroy creatures in a wide range.
  • Poison: Spread poison to kill the fish faster.
  • Radiation: If you want to increase the probability of hitting marine animals in Bingo fish shooting, this weapon is the most preferred choice.
  • Electric shock: The sparks will cause the fish to reduce their health by half and stand still. This is a good opportunity for you to earn lots of bonus coins.
  • Freeze: When using this effect, all creatures on the screen will stand still. You will take advantage of the opportunity to shoot the biggest fish to bring home great wealth.

Experience playing fish shooting extremely well 

To conquer the Bingo fish shooting game is not difficult when you apply the following unique playing skills:

Choose the appropriate shooting angle

Choosing a bullet discharge angle is an extremely important skill. In particular, when experiencing the Bingo fish shooting game on the phone, the right angle is often very small, difficult to observe and you need to have extremely good skills. Therefore, you should ignore the fish in the corner of the screen or hidden corner because the hit rate will be very low. Instead, focus your ammunition on the fish in the center of the screen or to the side.

Reasonably divide capital to buy bullets

Playing capital management is always mentioned when playing the Bingo fish shooting game. This is also a factor that determines profit and loss in the game. You should not waste bullets by spamming the fire button because the effectiveness is very poor and a huge loss of capital. On the other hand, each type of gun will have a different price, so calculate carefully which gun to use to shoot which type of fish. 

Use the correct sub-items

In the Bingo fish shooting game, there are many secondary weapons to help players catch large catches of fish. Weapons with great damage include: Sniper guns, automatic guns, target guns, long-range guns. 

However, each type will have a time of use and a small purchase amount. Therefore, you must consider carefully before deciding to buy. If you can’t own these unique items, focus on upgrading your guns to increase damage.

Shooting small fish adds up to big results

If you don’t have enough capital to hunt big fish, focus on small fish or schools of small fish. Note, for small schools of fish, you should shoot as soon as they appear on the side of the screen. If your ammunition hits the target, it will bring a small profit, which over time will accumulate larger. From there, your capital increases, so you can upgrade your weapons later. This is extremely accurate experience shared by fish shooting experts.

Interesting information about the Bingo fish shooting game has been provided Jun88 Full and detailed introduction. What are you waiting for? Join the game and transform into a fisherman today. Besides being entertained, gamers also receive thousands of super attractive gifts and rewards.

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