A Visual Guide: Different Forms And Colors Of Methamphetamine

Methamphetamine, also referred to as meth, is a potent and strongly addictive substance that poses a danger to public health. Understanding the various forms and colors of meth is vital in its early detection, prevention, and control. 

Meth can be found in the form of blue crystal, white powder, capsules/pills, or even in a liquid form, and all these come with different properties that can tell how pure the substance is or how it is taken. This guide describes what does meth look like with the aim of identifying and spreading awareness to fight against this dangerous substance.

Crystal Meth

The most familiar form of methamphetamine is crystal meth. It occurs as colorless to bluish-white, glassy crystals often resembling ice or broken glass. The crystals are very rigid, somewhat fragile, and thus can easily be differentiated from other materials. Crystal meth is also known as “Ice,” “Crystal,” or “Glass.” 

It is smoked in a glass pipe, which causes an immediate and intense high because the drug enters the bloodstream very quickly. Meth in this form is usually of high purity, thus making the substance more powerful and highly addictive.

Powdered Meth

Another form is powdered meth, which is a fine powder that may be off-white, yellow, brown, or pink. Meth in powder form goes by various names, such as ‘Speed’ and ‘Crank,’ and is highly portable. It can be sniffed, swallowed, or injected and is often compressed into pills. 

The differences in colors of powdered meth have some relationship to purity, with white powder usually being purer. Conversely, yellow or brown colors indicate the presence of some sort of foreign matter or another compound.

Meth Pills

Crystal methamphetamine is popular in areas like the Southeast Asian region and comes in the form of brightly colored tablets or capsules. These pills can have markings and are available in white, yellow, and orange colors. 

Meth pills are usually taken orally, but they can be crushed and snorted or injected; they are known as “Yaba” or “Biker’s Coffee.” Capsules offer a slow high compared to smoking or injecting methamphetamine. These pills are often very colorful, making them look harmless, which is very dangerous to anyone who is not aware.

Liquid Meth

Liquid meth is relatively rare and can be administered via injection or ingestion. If you ask what does meth look like, liquid meth is transparent, sometimes slightly colored, and can be stored in a bottle or syringe. 

This type of meth is commonly employed to smuggle the drug since it can blend in with everyday items without raising suspicion. Known as “Meth water,” liquid meth can be particularly dangerous because of the risk of overdose when injecting the substance directly into the bloodstream. 


It is essential to identify what does meth look like, including its various forms and colors that are circulating in the market, before it causes much harm. Understanding the distinctive appearance of crystal meth, powdered meth, meth pills, and liquid meth can help people find and identify meth and act accordingly. This awareness helps public health safety and assists law enforcement agencies and members of the public in eradicating the drug.

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